Client: BBDO

Director: Rajesh Krishnan

Production Company: Furlined

This :90 spot tells the tale of a Wild West train heist in two distinct parts – 50 seconds of suspenseful live action followed by 40 seconds of whimsical stop motion. Method Studios was tapped to deliver VFX for the live action component, including building a fully CG photoreal train derailment. Method Senior VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh worked closely with director Dougal Wilson to help conceptualize the spot’s Western environment and map out the flow of the train crash with previz. Method artists tackled severe weather challenges in post, as each of the three shoot days in Nevada had different weather ranging from sun to clouds to snow. To establish continuity in the sequence and remove the snow, artists replaced the entire background throughout with matte paintings based on early concepts. Additionally, they created the crash sequence completely in CG.

VFX Supervisor: Benjamin Walsh

CG Supervisor: Rus Brutsche

Comp Supervisor: Toma Bowen

Lead Flame: Ian Holland

Lead Animator: Tim Ranck

Lead FX: Vladislav Tushevskiy

Sr. Producer: Pip Malone

VFX Breakdown